Sunday, May 9, 2010

May Giveaway

5 lucky followers will receive drawstring pouch with any alphabet that you wish! or you may also leave ur trace in my chat area...Due date on 15 May 2010

Choose Fabric and How to Order

L0901 Eiffel Frame
 L0902 Eiffel Rose

 L0903 Paris Collage

 L0904 Paris Vintage

L0905 Vintage Newspaper

 EC0801 Red Round Roses (purse only)

 EC0802 Sewing Square (purse only)
 EC0803 UK Pop (purse only)

EC0804 Yellow Sue (purse only)

 HC0805 Dark Green/Purple/Dark Blue

EC0806 Purple London (purse only)

EC0807 Roses Stripes (purse only)
CL0808 Flower Patches

L0809  Paris Garden

L0810  Paris Perfume (Purses Only)

L0811 Paris Postcard (Purses Only)

EC0812  Paris Street

CL0813 Peachy Stripes

CL0814  Plain Canvas

CL0815 Corals

 HC0816 Baby Bear

 HC0817 Bags

 CL0818  Hello Kitty Best Wishes

 CL0818 Bonjour Paris

EC0819 Brown Owl

EC0701 Ballerina Girl
 EC0702 Black Mushroom

 EC0703 Black Sewing Notions

 EC0704 Measure Tape

 EC0705 White Mushroom

 L0601 Red Riding Hood
 HC0602 Bright Pink

 HC0603 Soft Pink

 HC0604 Soft Purple

 HC0605 White Par Avion

 HC0606 Yellow

 L0607 Letter From Paris

 HC0608 Red Butterfly

L0609 Ballet
HC0610 Black
 HC0611 Blue Butterfly

 HC0612 Red

 C0613 Dark Brown Corduroy

 HC0614 Dark Brown

 HC0615 Soft Grey

 HC0616 Love In The Air

 L0617 Love Letter

 C0618 Maroon Corduroy

 HC0619 Maroon

 HC0620 Med Brown

 HC0621 Olive Green

 HC0401 Babushka

 HC0402 Butterfly
  CL0403 Calendar

  HC0404 Denim

  CL0405 Japanese Girl

 HC0406 Blue Par Avion

EC0301 Black Butterfly

EC0302 Matrioshka

EC0201 Boots
 L0201 Daisy

 EC0201 Green Sue

 EC0201 London Map

 EC0201 Owl Love

 EC0201 Owl Moon

 EC0201 Fairytale

 EC0201 Orange Owl

 EC0201 Owl Friends

 EC0201 Pink Owl

 L0201 Reindeer

 EC0201 Sleepy Owl

 EC0201 Sydney

 EC0201 Vintage Label

 EC0101 Paisley Butterfly

 EC0102 Sewing Notions

 HC0501 Shoes

4 steps to make order:
1. Choose bag's design and size above
2. Choose fabrics here
3. Email you order to:
4. We will prepare the quotation and methods of payment.

Terms and Condition:
1. All items will be shipped after full payment has been received.
2. Ready made items will be shipped within 3 days.
3. Custom made orders will be shipped within 7 days.
4. Parcels will be shipped by Pos Laju.
5. Please ensure your shipping address is correct.